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Competitive Advantage

Frontier Real Estate Investments was founded in 2006 and has organically evolved into a vertically integrated real estate investment, development, construction, and management organization. Our multi-faceted approach instills confidence that our investments will result in an outcome that efficiently achieves optimum asset value in the marketplace.

We have considerable experience in working with organizations of all sizes, including institutional and high net worth companies. Our track record has led to the confidence that the value of our involvement from the beginning results in the most beneficial outcome for the project.

Our credibility and reputation within the real estate and construction community enables us to quickly and effectively craft solutions that preserve capital, maintain schedule and provide flexibility.

Deal Sourcing

We have excellent relationships throughout the real estate industry.  We view the brokerage community as our allies and make doing deals with them easy and value their expertise by assuring them of their compensation.

Research & Diligence

Strict adherence to real estate fundamentals allow us to bridge the supply and demand of real estate markets by balancing risk and return objectives.

Financial Engineering

We have structured real estate deals with high net worth offices, institutions and banks. It is critical that we are always focused on the real estate fundaments while designing any kind of financing that compliments the real estate and does not expose it to unnecessary risk.


Through one organization, we offer a full menu of market tested real estate and construction project management services that control costschedulereal estate value and quality of project


Our firm realizes business success requires that deals get completed and all stakeholders in the process are treated equitably.


Kasey Graham

Kasey Graham

Kasey is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s real estate development, investment and construction activities.  His diverse experience in investments, development, construction and ownership creates a rare skill set that allows for all components of the project to be articulately evaluated and ensures a more favorable outcome for stakeholders and tenants.  He has more than 18 years of experience managing construction and real estate projects that range from small TI’s to multi-building office parks, ranging in cost from thousands to $800 million.  Since 2011 he has served as President and CEO of Frontier Real Estate Investment. 

Years with the firm:  2006 – Present

Education: Bachelor in Finance – University of Tulsa

Rob Heise

Rob Heise

Rob has diverse experience in real estate development, site selection, land & building acquisition/disposition, property entitlements and commercial leasing.  His experience working with municipalities, institutional real estate groups, private real estate portfolios and the real estate brokerage community provides a distinct advantage to managing the cost, schedule and quality of the projects objectives.  Rob is a principal owner with Frontier Real Estate Investments and oversees real estate development and management responsibilities of the organization.

Years with the firm:  2006 – Present

Education: Bachelor in Economics – University of Iowa

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